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Read article: LAS programs: Greater understanding leading to greater opportunity
LAS programs: Greater understanding leading to greater opportunity
  Wang Cong taught English in China for six years before arriving at the University of Illinois, but when she arrived on campus Cong knew that communicating isn’t just about proper spelling and grammar but also a grasp of the cultural nuances around the language. She still had a lot to learn...
Read article: Unveiling the Chin-Woo Kim Phonetics Laboratory
Unveiling the Chin-Woo Kim Phonetics Laboratory
This past May, we celebrated the dedication of the Chin-Woo Kim Phonetics Laboratory! This ceremony celebrates the accomplishments of Dr. Chin-Woo Kim in expanding research in Linguistics on UIUC's campus. Dr. Kim first came to...
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Read article: Anna Mendoza Receives LEAP Scholar Award
Anna Mendoza Receives LEAP Scholar Award
Congratulations to Dr. Anna Mendoza, on being selected to receive the LEAP (Lincoln Excellence Assistant Professor) Scholar award for 2024-26! The LEAP Award is granted to distinguished early-career faculty at the University of Illinois who demonstrate the highest caliber of academic...
Read article: GASLA-17: A Celebration of SLA Research!
GASLA-17: A Celebration of SLA Research!
The Linguistics Department just hosted the 17th Meeting of the Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition Conference (GASLA-17)! The biannual academic conference took place on May 2nd – 4th at the Levis Faculty Center and attracted 148...
Read article: New Monograph by Jonathan Dunn
New Monograph by Jonathan Dunn
We are excited to announce that Computational Construction Grammar by UIUC's Jonathan Dunn was published last week by Cambridge University Press! This Element introduces a usage-based computational approach to Construction Grammar that draws on techniques from natural language...
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Sid Bhushan

Sid Bhushan

My favorite thing about linguistics is how versatile of a field it is. Language is everywhere and it's possible to study so many different aspects of it.

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Erika Latham

Erika Latham

The MATESL program offers high-quality coursework in language assessment and a variety of opportunities to apply this knowledge in the real world, e.g., as a Teaching Assistant and EPT rater. The mentorship of talented professors such as Dr. Xun Yan has also been invaluable in helping me succeed.


Featured Courses Fall 2024

Course Logo for Inner Aspect Course

Inner aspect focuses on how predicates denote events: whether they are linguistically coded as complete or incomplete. This course compares examples from English, Spanish, Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, Russian, Czech, Malagasy, Tagalog, and more!

Ling 591

Gen SLA course card

This course will bring together the theoretically oriented study of second language acquisition (SLA) with classroom and lab-based intervention research about grammar teaching.

Ling 591

Semantics of Non-Declaratives Course Card

Did you ever wonder how a truth-conditional semantic theory could deal with questions, commands, and other sentences that don’t have truth values? Now is your chance to find out!

Ling 591

Course Advertisement EIL 587

This course explores the intersections between language learning, language teaching, and technology. Learn about a variety of TILT tools including Langcaches, Virtual Worlds, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and a lot more!

EIL 587