Faculty and Staff Resources

Faculty Funding Opportunities
  • Scholars Travel Fund: If you are presenting at a conference, you are first encouraged to apply for funding from the Scholars Travel Fund,
  • Non-travel or additional travel funding: After receiving the Scholars Travel Fund or if you are not presenting (just attending) an event, you should contact the Linguistics Department Head, James Yoon (jyoon@illinois.edu) to request approval for departmental funding in advance. All funding is processed through reimbursement. If you have any questions about what can be reimbursed, contact the SLCL Business Office (slcl-businessoffice@illinois.edu).
  • Note: Based on the 2019-2024 Non-Tenure Track Faculty Coalition Agreement with Campus, Lecturers “who hold a nine (9) month or greater, full time, non-visiting appointment shall, upon request, receive up to $500 per academic year for allowable expenses related only to research and/or teaching-related professional development, to be reimbursed in accordance with University policy and guidelines... Any unused funds shall not carry forward to the subsequent academic year... These funds may be used for expenses including but not limited to presenting at a conference, attending a conference, purchasing and maintaining technology, research and/or teaching-related materials, and traveling for the purpose of research” (pp. 8-9).
  • Reimbursement: SLCL Business Office Forms & Informatio