The Department of Linguistics offers graduate programs leading to:

The MATESL program is designed for candidates whose principal interests lie in language pedagogy and related research. The degree not only prepares students to be effective classroom teachers, it also provides them with the solid theoretical background in second language acquisition and pedagogy essential for work in the areas of teacher supervision, materials development, curriculum design, and testing and evaluation. It provides a strong stepping-stone to doctoral work.

The PhD Program in Linguistics allows a high degree of flexibility and specialization, and is designed to allow students to advance quickly to producing original research. Students may choose any of several standard areas of specialization, or design their own specialization with the help of their faculty advisor. Depending on their research interests, PhD students may earn a Certificate in Computational Linguistics, or combine their degrees with an interdisciplinary Concentration in Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education (SLATE). Students in the PhD program may earn a MA in Linguistics upon completing Stage 1 requirements of the PhD; beginning in August 2019, there is no admission directly to the MA in Linguistics.