Department Seminars

Linguistics Seminar

Seminars typically take place each Monday from 4-5 PM, either in-person or over Zoom. In-person seminars are normally held in the Lucy Ellis Lounge (LCLB 1080).

Contact Sofya Styrina for Zoom links and details and if you’d like to be added to the mailing list and receive announcements of new talks every week.


Spring 2023 Schedule 

23 Jan: Cory Shain, Postdoctoral Researcher (MIT) (Lucy Ellis)

     Title: Uncovering the algorithmic foundations of language learning and processing

30 Jan: Aleksandre Maskharashvili, Visiting Assistant Professor (Ohio State University) (Lucy Ellis)

     Title: Discourse Relations: Their Role and Use in Natural Language Generation

2 Feb: No talk

6 Feb: Spencer Caplan, Postdoctoral Researcher (University of Texas at Austin) (Lucy Ellis)

     Title: The Immediacy of Linguistic Computation

9 Feb, Thursday: Forrest Davis, Postdoctoral Researcher (MIT) (Lucy Ellis)

     Title: What neural models tell us about linguistics knowledge: insights from cross-linguistic investigations

13 Feb: TBA

20 Feb: Ryan Shosted, Professor (UIUC) (Lucy Ellis)

     Title: Deseret Texts as a Guide to Early Utah English

27 Feb: Brennan Dell, Graduate Student (UIUC) (Lucy Ellis)

     Title: Fine-grained Error Analysis in Machine Translation

6 Mar: Rodrigo Delgado, Assistant Professor (UIUC, Spanish and Portuguese) (Lucy Ellis)

     Title: The mesa: a phonetic analysis of English/Spanish code-switched determiner phrases

13 Mar: NO TALK (Spring Break)

20 Mar: Numa Markee, Emeritus Professor of Linguistics (UIUC) (Lucy Ellis)

     Title: How detailed do conversation analytic transcripts really need to be?

27 Mar: Christopher M. Stewart, Computational Linguist (Google), Research Associate (University of Memphis, Institute for Intelligent Systems) (Co-sponsored by the Department of French and Italian) (Lucy Ellis)

     Title: From French Linguistics to Speech Science to Data Science to Google: Getting from Here to There

3 Apr: Jennifer Cabrelli, Associate Professor (UIC, Hispanic and Italian Studies) (Lucy Ellis)

     Title: Examining the effects of third language (L3) acquisition on existing languages to inform the constitution of first language (L1) versus second language (L2) systems

10 Apr: Masaya Yoshida, Associate Professor (Northwestern University) (Lucy Ellis)

     Title: There is something missing in NP and Moving in DP

17 Apr: Sarah Clark, Graduate Student (UIUC) (Lucy Ellis)

     Title: The Veteran Dialect: Discourses of Identity in the Liminal Space between Institutions and Ideologies

24 Apr: Rurik Tywoniw, English Placement Test Coordinator (UIUC) (Lucy Ellis)

     Title: Evaluating writing in the age of AI: what’s left to assess?

26 Apr, Wednesday: Jonathan Dunn, Senior Lecturer, Linguistics and English Language (University of Canterbury) (Zoom)

     Title: Emerging Structure and Global Variation in Computational Construction Grammar

1 May: Cristina Garbacea, PhD Candidate in CS (University of Michigan) (Zoom)

    Title: Text Simplification: Methods and Evaluation

4 May, Thursday at 3pm: Michael Wilson, Postdoctoral Research Associate (Yale) (Zoom)

    Title: Syntactic productivity in people and large language models

8 May: Omid Abdar, Graduate Student (UIUC) (Zoom)

    Title: Granular Text Classification for Biomedical Natural Language Processing


For a list of seminars held in previous semesters, please see Past Seminars.