Welcome to the Illinois ESL Program.
Our mission is to support international students and scholars from across the campus to strengthen their English writing and speaking skills.

We offer courses focused on the needs of multilingual graduate and undergraduate students, visiting scholars and international teaching assistants to increase proficiency in academic composition, pronunciation, dissertation and research article writing, and presentation skills.

We are passionate about working with you and helping you achieve your professional goals here and beyond.

Placement testing

In order to take ESL writing or pronunciation, you must take the English Placement Test (EPT). In order to take ESL 508, you must take the Oral English Assessment Interview (OEAI). See these links below for more information:

Course offerings

Alma Mater Spring

Undergraduate Writing

ESL 111: Intro to Academic Writing I ESL 112: Intro to Academic Writing II ESL 115: Principles of Academic Writing

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Quad Foellinger Spring

Graduate Writing

Academic Writing track (ESL 511, ESL 512, ESL 515, ESL 592), Business and Technical Writing track (ESL 521, ESL 522, ESL 525)

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Campus Night Fall


Undergrad - ESL 110, Grad - ESL 510

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Union Campus Spring

Courses for International Teaching Assistants

ESL 504, ESL 506, ESL 508

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Quad Students Fall

Advanced Electives for Graduate Students

ESL 592, ESL 593

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Illinois Sign Summer

Courses for Intl. Visiting Scholars, Faculty & Staff

ESL 510, ESL 592, ESL 593

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