The reading and discussion groups are informal venues where Linguistics faculty and students meet to present research, practice talks, exchange feedback, and discuss research in the field together. Check out the links below to learn more about our reading and discussion groups, when we meet, who are involved, and so on.


Commentary on the Latest Approaches to Syntax and Semantics in Illinois

In our claSSi group, we discuss and present work related to syntax and semantics, mostly from a formal perspective, although not exclusively. Membership is open to whomever is interested in syntax and semantics. As the group stands, we have faculty and students from both the Linguistics Department and the Spanish & Portuguese Department.


Experimental Linguistics Group

The experimental linguistics group is a forum for graduate students (as well as any interested undergraduate students, faculty, or visitors) to present research or lead discussions in any area of experimental linguistics including (but not limited to) experimental approaches to second language acquisition and bilingualism, experimental syntax and semantics, and psycholinguistics. Group members can present work in progress or research proposals, give practice talks for conferences or oral exams, or lead discussion of a relevant reading.


Language and Society Discussion Group

LSD is a discussion forum for students involved in and passionate about sociolinguistics!


Language Testing Research Group (LTRG)

The LTRG has a long history at UIUC, with a tradition of meetings to discuss articles and issues pertaining to second language testing and assessment. Also occasionally featured are conference-paper practice sessions and talks by visiting language testing scholars. LTRG is by design and intent a graduate student-focused collective. 


Phonetics and Phonology Forum (F3)

F3 [ɛf.θɹiʲ] is a weekly reading and presentation group. Faculty and students discuss topics of current interest to the field and periodically present their own research in an informal setting.


Social Dynamics of Language Variation and Change Reading Group/Seminar

Organized in the early 2000’s, the Social Dynamics of Language Variation and Change reading group/HRI seminar provides a meeting space for faculty and graduate students to read, discuss, and analyze the latest research in sociolinguistics. Participants also present their research to the group, often in preparation for conference presentations. The SDLVC regularly hosts workshops and guest speakers to talk about new technologies and emerging methodologies in linguistic study.


Illinois É.DUB.BA for Hittitological Inquiry


Computational Linguistics Reading Group

The Computational Linguistics Reading Group at UIUC meet every two weeks to discuss seminal works in computational linguistics and natural language processing, learn about state-of-the-art models, and go over useful tutorials in the field.


TESL PRO (Professionalism, Research, and Objectives)

The TESL PRO (Professionalism, Research, and Objectives) Group is a professional development group for graduate students in TESL, Applied Linguistics and Instructed SLA to meet and discuss critical skills for engaging with the language education field. Each week involves an introduction to a TESL interest group and/or journal, an overview of a specific analytic skill needed for research and teaching in the TESL profession, and stories from you and other TESL professionals on advancing in the field and developing a personal professional agenda.