The Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL) Program is housed in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and offers instruction in Arabic, Hindi, Persian, Swahili, Turkish, and Wolof. The LCTL program supports communicative, proficiency-based language teaching as a way for our students to obtain the most from their language-learning experiences. We emphasize the acquisition of grammar and vocabulary as necessary tools for spontaneous, creative, and meaningful communication, as well as a part of the four crucial skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. In the classroom, we encourage conversation, small-group problem solving, and other tasks that simulate real-life uses of language. Outside the classroom, we offer extra-curricular activities like conversation tables, films series, social hours, potlucks, and picnics in order to practice the target language by learning about the culture where it is spoken.

The LCTL Program collaborates with research universities in the Big Ten Academic Alliance to host and receive language courses. You may refer to the BTAA CourseShare webpage and browse the links to CourseShare resources, such as "Resources for participating departments" and "FAQ" for more information to explore this unique and wonderful resource for our students. 

The Department of Linguistics offers the following language classes as part of the LCTL program. Descriptions of each course can be on the Course Catalog.


Arabic - Fall Courses

ARAB 150 Lang&Culture of Arab World
ARAB 201 Elementary Standard Arabic I
ARAB 210 Colloquial Arabic I
ARAB 403 Intermediate Stand Arabic I
ARAB 405 Advanced Standard Arabic I
ARAB 409 Adv Top Stand Arabic LangLit I
ARAB 412 Business Arabic
ARAB 490 Readings in Advanced Arabic


Arabic - Spring Courses

ARAB 150 Lang&Culture of Arab World
ARAB 202 Elementary Standard Arabic II
ARAB 211 Colloquial Arabic II
ARAB 404 Intermediate Stand Arabic II
ARAB 406 Advanced Standard Arabic II
ARAB 408 Topics Stand Arabic LangLit II
ARAB 410 AdvTop Stand Arabic LangLit II
ARAB 413 Arabic-English Translation
ARAB 490 Readings in Advanced Arabic



Hindi - Fall Courses

HNDI 115 Language and Culture in India
HNDI 201 Elementary Hindi-Urdu I
HNDI 403 Intermediate Hindi I
HNDI 405 Advanced Hindi I


Hindi - Spring Courses

HNDI 115 Language and Culture in India
HNDI 202 Elementary Hindi-Urdu II
HNDI 404 Intermediate Hindi II
HNDI 406 Advanced Hindi II



Persian - Fall Courses

PERS 201 Elementary Persian I
PERS 403 Intermediate Persian I
PERS 453 Advanced Persian I


Persian - Spring Courses

PERS 202 Elementary Persian II
PERS 404 Intermediate Persian II
PERS 454 Advanced Persian II



Turkish - Fall Courses

TURK 201 Elementary Turkish I
TURK 270 Language and Culture in Turkey
TURK 403 Intermediate Turkish I
TURK 405 Advanced Turkish I
TURK 490 Special Topics in Turkish


Turkish - Spring Courses

TURK 202 Elementary Turkish II
TURK 270 Language and Culture in Turkey
TURK 404 Intermediate Turkish II
TURK 406 Advanced Turkish II
TURK 490 Special Topics in Turkish



Swahili - Fall Courses

SWAH 201 Elementary Swahili I
SWAH 403 Intermediate Swahili I
SWAH 405 Advanced Swahili I
SWAH 407 Topics Swahili Lang & Lit I


Swahili - Spring Courses

SWAH 202 Elementary Swahili II
SWAH 404 Intermediate Swahili II
SWAH 406 Advanced Swahili II
SWAH 408 Topics Swahili Lang & Lit II
SWAH 410 Adv Topics Swahili Lang&Lit II



Wolof - Fall Courses

WLOF 201 Elementary Wolof I
WLOF 403 Intermediate Wolof I
WLOF 405 Advanced Wolof I


Wolof - Spring Courses

WLOF 202 Elementary Wolof II
WLOF 404 Intermediate Wolof II
WLOF 406 Advanced Wolof II



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