Loanable Technology Equipment

General Borrowing Procedures

Eligibility: University of Illinois students, faculty, and staff who are affiliated with the Linguistics Department through a current course or program may borrow equipment. Some equipment is limited to specific groups depending on ownership by a specific program.

Request: It is highly recommended that you request equipment at least 24 hours in advance to arrange a pick-up. To view and request real-time available equipment, you will need to create a Clustermarket account with the TESL Library (see instructions below).

Checkout: Please bring your I-card to pick up materials. Equipment can be checked out in-person during library hours or arranged by appointment with the TESL Librarian.

Cost: All loans are free; however, users are responsible for returning the items in their original proper and working condition. A fair replacement value will be charged for missing or damaged items.

Contact the TESL Librarian ( with questions.

Available Loanable Equipment

Screenshot of selecting an organization and laboratory

Request Available Equipment

Create a BookIt account

  1. Go to the AY20-21 TESL Library Equipment Access link.
  2. Create an account using your Illinois email address and accept the invitation.
  3. Wait for membership approval from the TESL librarian.

Once your membership is approved, you will be able to request specific items and dates and view your requests and loans. Contact the TESL Librarian ( if you have not been approved after three days or with questions about registration.

View and request equipment

Once you have been approved and log in your account, you will be able to view and request the available equipment from the "University of Illinois, TESL Library." Note: If you cannot see the available equipment, under the second half of the sidebar on the left, use the option to “create lab”.

Once you have a BookIt account, you can request items in the system (following the instructions below), or you can also email the TESL Librarian to request the specific item and dates.


To view and request items using the BookIt system, please follow these instructions: 

  1. In order to view the available items, click on "Lab Dashboard" in the menu. Once you open the lab dashboard, the equipment in the TESL library will be displayed as can be seen in the picture below:
  2. By clicking the "Equipment" link in the menu, you will see whether each item is available or not, as can be seen in the following picture:
  3. Equipment Details & Borrower Eligibility: Click on the name of the item that you’re interested and refer to the "Details" section for what is included and borrower eligibility.