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Volume 20:1 (Spring 1990) 

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The contribution of African linguistics to linguistic theory, Vol. 2
(Edited by Eyamba G. Bokamba) 

Preface v
Introduction vii
Part I: Plenary Addresses
EYAMBA G. BOKAMBA: African languages and sociolinguistic theories 3
JOAN BRESNAN: African languages and syntactic theories 35
JOHN GOLDSMITH: Phonological theory and African language phonology 49
SALIKOKO MUFWENE: African languages, African linguistics, and linguistic theory: A commentary on the plenary session papers 63
Part II: Phonology
ELLEN BROSELOW & ALICE NIYONDAGARA: Feature geometry of Kirundi palatalization 71
G. N. CLEMENTS & REMI SONAIYA: Underlying feature representation in Yoruba 89
OMAR KA: Reduplication and prosodic constituents in Wolof 105
MANUELA NOSKE: Vowel Harmony in Turkana 123
METERWA A. OURSO & CHARLES H. ULRICH: Sonorant-strengthening in Lama 135
Part III: Tonology
CHARLES KISSEBERTH & SHEILA MMUSI: The tonology of the object prefix in Setswana 151
NGESSIMO MUTAKA: The tone bearing unit in Kinande 163
Part IV: Sociolinguistics & History of Linguistics
ANDRE MWAMBA KAPANGA: Language variation and language attitudes: A case study from Shaba Swahili 175
MARGARET WADE-LEWIS: The contribution of Lorenzo Dow Turner to African linguistics 189

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Volume 20:2 (Fall 1990) 

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Linguistics for the Nineties: Papers from a lecture series in celebration of the Department's twenty-fifth anniversary
(Edited by Hans Henrich Hock)

Antonsen, Elmer H. Introduction. ix
Kahane, Henry. The establishment of Linguistics at Illinois. 1
Langacker, Ronald W. Cognitive Grammar: The symbolic alternative. 3
Sadock, Jerrold M. A trimodular account of Yiddish syntax. 31
Newmeyer, Frederick J. Some issues in language origins and evolution. 51
Odden, David. Phonology and its interaction with syntax and morphology. 69
Menn, Lise. Aphasic language under discourse pressure: Functional syntax vs. psycho linguistic function. 109
Lowenberg, Peter H. Standards and norms for World Englishes: Issues and attitudes. 123
Hermon, Gabriella. Syntactic theory and language acquisition: A case against parameters. 139
Sridhar, S. N. What are applied linguistics? 165
Index to Studies in the Linguistic Sciences, Volumes 1 - 19
A. Author index 177
B. Title index 197

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Volume 20:3 (Spring 1990) 

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Meeting handbook, Thirteenth South Asian Languages Analysis Roundtable [Abstracts]
(Edited by Hans Henrich Hock)

Ahmed, Mariam. Convent English: Structure and attitudes. 17
Anderson, Lloyd B. Script Manager software for Indic scripts on the Macintosh. 18
Bagchi, Tista. Conditionals and emphasizers in Bangla: Some pragmatic effects of their interaction. 19
Bains, Gurprit. Focus movement in Hindi-Urdu. 21
Bhatt, Rakesh M. An essay on Kashmirit stress. 22
Boolchandani, Pushpa. On binding reflexives in Sindhi. 24
Bubenik, Vit, & C. Paranjape. Some observations on the development of West-Indo-Aryan pronominal systems from Apabhramsa. 26
Butt, Miriam J., & Tracy Holloway King. Semantic case in Urdu 27
Chakraborty, Jayshree. Perfectivity and the resultative state in Hindi 29
Chandrasekhar, S., & S. N. Sridhar. Case markers and prepositions in Kannada. 31
Cole, Jennifer. Alliteration in Sindhi poetry: Evidence for phonological structure. 32
Davison, Alice. Finiteness and case in Hindi-Urdu complements. 34
Deshpande, Madhav. Sociolinguistic parameters of Panini's Sanskrit. 36
Genetti, Carol. On the loss of gender distinctions in Nepali. 37
Gnanam, M. Religious cum linguistic problems in modern India. 39
Hamp, Eric P. The sources of a passive. 40
Herring, Susan. From aspect to tense in Old Tamil: Evidence from narrative discourse. 42
Hock, Hans Henrich. Syntax or Phonological Form? Reconsidering some allegedly syntactic phenomena of Vedic Sanskrit. 44
Hook, Peter E., & Omkar Nath Koul. Kashmiri causals: Evidence for a transformational approach. 46
Jamison, Stephanie W. Demonstratives with non-third persons in Vedic Sanskrit. 48
Jayasuriya, Wilfrid. The web of the spider: Language and power in Sri Lanka. 49
Joseph, Brian. Sibilant confusion in early Indic: Sanskrit pradúr. 50
Kamwangamalu, Nkonko M. Advancement in some Asian and African languages. 52
-----. Multilingualism and social identity: The case of Singapore. 53
Kapoor, Kapil. Analogy as argument in Adi Sankara. 54
Kissock, Madelyn J. Reflexive pronouns in Vedic. 55
Loud, John A. Issues in translating the Puranas. 56
Mahajan, Anoop. Against wh-movement in Hindi. 57
Mahajan, Gyanam. Sanskrit reduplication: A templatic approach. 59
Marlow, Patrick E. Meet me in the Bazaar: A historical perspective on the origin of a North Indian koine. 61
Mehrotra, Raja Ram. Sociolinguistics of verbal abuse in Hindi. 62
Menon, A. G. Tamil verb formation. 63
Moag, Rodney F. The associative case in Malayalam: Making sense of a catch-all category. 65
Mohanty, Gopabandhu. Compound verbs in Oriya. 67
Nadahalli, Jayashree. Pronouns in Kannada: Sociolinguistic implications. 69
Nadkarni, Mangesh V. On liberating English to be a world language: An Indian perspective. 70
Nihalani, Paroo. Articulatory and acoustic properties of apical and laminal stop consonants: A cross-language study. 72
Pandit, P. N. A socio-cognitive approach to designing a self-instructional multi-media course in English communicative skills. 73
Paolillo, John C. Functional articulation: Analyzing diglossic variation. 74
Pelletier, Rosanne. Telugu negatives and non-capabilitives: Morphological structure and syntactic structure. 77
Rai, Alok. Sammelani Hindi and Malviya Hindi: Language and politics in India between 1875 and 1930. 80
Ramchand, Gillian. The category of nominals in Bangla. 81
Rau, Nalini. Coordination and word order. 84
Sadanand, Kamlesh. The pure vowels of Punjabi. 85
Sadanand, Suchitra. Malayalam syllabication. 86
Satyanath, T. S. On change and variation of (l) in Kannada. 87
Scharf, Peter M. Assessing Sabara's arguments for the conclusion that a generic term denotes just a class property. 88
Schäufele, Steven. The Vedic clause-initial string and universal grammar. 89
Sharma, Krishna K. Semio-linguistic aspect of dhvani siddhanta. 90
Sharma, Rama Natha. Naming and expressing objects in Panini. 92
Singh, Atamjit. The aesthetics of play in Punjabi folkloric tradition. 93
Singh, Mona. A situation-type analysis of compound verbs. 94
Sreedhar, M. V. Drastic modernization of the curricula of the teacher training courses. 96
Sridhar, S. N., & Mark Aronoff. A lexicalist analysis of participle compounds in Kannada. 98
Sridhar, S. N., & Indira Ayyar. Aspects of the syntax of spoken Indian English. 100
Srivastav, Veneeta. Pair-list answers in Hindi indirect questions. 101
Subbarao, K. V., & Harbir Arora. Convergence and syntactic change: The case of the negative participles in Dakkhini. 104
Subbarao, K. V., & Lalitha M. The INFL nodes in non-finite clauses in Dravidian and Tibeto-Burman languages. 106
Tickoo, Asha. New dimensions of word order freedom in verb-final languages. 107
Tsiang, Sarah. Clausal vs. non-clausal subordination in Sanskrit narratives. 108
Vijayakrishnan, K. G. The mental dictionary: Its role in linguistic theroy. 110
Winters, Clyde A. The Harappan script: The most ancient form of Dravidian. 112
Yatabe, Shûichi. Verbal compounds in Malayalam. 113
Zakharyin, Boris A. Ergativity in the Indo-European languages of South Asia: Diachronic and synchronic processes. 115
Zakharyin, Boris A., & L. V. Khokhlova. The development of ergativity in Indo-European languages of Western India in the fifteenth through twentieth centuries. 117
Zide, Norman. A sketchy history of cliticization and verb stem noun incorporation in Munda. 119
Pandharipande, Rajeshwari. A grammar of politeness in Marathi. 125
Mishra, Mithilesh K. Towards an ethnography of politeness in Maithili. 126
Bhatia, Tej K. Directives in Panjabi and Lahanda. 127
Verma, Manindra K. Linguistic conventions of politeness in Bhojpuri and Magahi. 128
D'Souza, Jean. Recreating South Asian speech acts in English: A study in linguistic transfer. 131
Kachru, Yamuna. Speech act in the mother tongue and the other tongue. 132
Nelson, Cecil L. On creating speech acts: The creativity of Indian English writers. 133
Valentine, Tamara. Language and female identity in India. 135
Ahmed, Mariam. A house divided: Conflict and rivalry in two varieties of a language. 139
Bhatia, Tej K. Transplanted languages and ethnic identity. 140
Sridhar, Kamal K. Language minorities: Issues of identity in a global perspective. 141
Bhatt, Rakesh M. Identity, conflict, and convergence: South Asia as a sociolinguistic area. 142
Pandharipande, Rajeshwari. The question of defining the language of religion. 147
Hock, Hans Henrich. Vasat, srausat, and other ritual particles: Their origin and use in Vedic ritualistic literature. 148
Mishra, Mithilesh K. The role of deixis in defining ordinary vs. religious language. 150
Anushivarani, Ali. Rabindranath Tagore's Nobel Prize: What does it mean? 153
Wu, Yongan. Chinese responses to Tagore: Pin Hsin's poetry. 154
Tikku, Girdhari. Aldous Huxley's The island. 155
Harada, Hiroko. Coleridge and Basho: The legacy of Indian monism. 156

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Volume 21:1 (Spring 1991) 

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Papers in General Linguistics

Branstine, Zoann. Stop/spirant alternations in Spanish: On the representation of contrast. 1
Darzi, Ali. Compensatory lengthening in modern colloquial Tehrani Farsi. 23
Hancin, Barbara J. On the phonology-morphology interaction in Brazilian Portuguese vowel harmony. 39
Kang, Seok Keun. Moraic phonology and /l/-irregular predicates in Korean. 55
Kang, Yongsoon. Coronal: Transparent or opaque? 67
Lee, Han-Gyu. Plural marker copying in Korean. 81
Mtenje, Al. On Autosegmental feature-spreading in phonology: Evidence from Chiyao. 125
Pandey, Pramod Kumar. Schwa fronting in Hindi. 147
Hock, Hans Henrich. Review of R. N. Aralikatti (1989). Spoken Sanskrit in India: A study of sentence patterns. 161
Yoon, James H. Review of Mark R. Baltin & Anthony S. Kroch, eds. (1989). Alternative conceptions of phrase structure. 167
Conefrey, Theresa. Review of Deborah Tannen (1990). You just don't understand. 179
Recent Books 183

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Volume 21:2 (Fall 1991) 

This issue is available to order in paper format. 
Illinois studies in Korean linguistics, II
(Edited by Chin-W. Kim, Jerry L. Morgan, James H-S. Yoon)

Preface v
Sang-Cheol Ahn: Vowel deletion and epenthesis: The vowel i 1
Euiyon Cho: Notes on some tests for subjecthood in Korean 19
Seikyung Cho: The acquisition of English reflexives by Korean ESL learners 31
Yeon Hee Choi: Discourse reference in written Korean folk tales 69
Seok Keun Kang: Moraic representation of ambisyllabicity: Evidence from Korean 89
Yongsoon Kang: The Locality Condition of tonal systems: With special reference to North Kyangsung dialect in Korean 101
Chin W. Kim & Hyoung-Youb Kim: The character of Korean glides 113
Hyoung-Youb Kim: Prosodic phonology of Korean 127
Han-gyu Lee: The pragmatics of the pragmatic morpheme com 'a little' in Korean 143
Virginia K. McClanahan: The pragmatics of negation in Korean 167
James Hye Suk Yoon: Inflectional structures in Korean and headedness 179

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Volume 22:1 (Spring 1992) 

This issue is available to order in paper format. 
Papers in General Linguistics
(Edited by Hans Henrich Hock) 

Preface v
Endangered languages: An appeal for publications vii
Irja H. Alho: Distinguishing kind and set in Finnish 1
Rakesh Mohan Bhatt: Language identity, conflict, and convergence in South Asia 17
Hans Henrich Hock: What's a nice word like you doing in a placelike this? Syntax vs. phonological form 39
Iwona Kraska: From verb to clitic and nominal suffix: The Somali -e, -o nouns 89
Pinmin Kuo: On the use and function of Chinese keshi: An explanation based on the notion 'inference system' 107
Sheila Onkaetse Mmusi: OCP violations in Setswana: Evidencefor redefining the OCP? 123
Pilar Prieto: Truncation processes in Spanish 143
José Ignacio Hualde & Gorka Elordietta: On the lexical/postlexical distinction: Vowel assimilation in Lekeitio Basque 159
Nanette Twine (1991). Language and the modern state: The reform of written Japanese (Yasufumi Iwasaki) 165
Marina Yaguello. (1991). Lunatic lovers of language: Imaginary languages and their inventors. (M. Lynne Murphy) 169
Christel Goldap (1991). Lokale Relationen im Yukatekischen: Eine onomasiologische Studie. (Hans Henrich Hock) 173
Braj B. Kachru (1992). The other tongue: English across cultures. (Hans Henrich Hock) 174
Recent Books 177
Contents of volumes 17 - 21 183

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Volume 22:2 (Fall 1992) 

This issue is available to order in paper format. 
Twenty-Five Years of Linguistic Research at the university of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
(Edited by Braj B. Kachru) 

Foreword vii
Preface xiii
Part I: Perspectives on Linguistics in the Midwest and at Illinois  
Introduction: Henry Kahane & Braj B. Kachru 3
Linguistics in the Midwestern Region: Beginnings to 1973: Braj B. Kachru 7
History of the Department of Linguistics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Henry Kahane 37
The European Emigree: Henry Kahane 37
The Tale of an Eager then Lonely then Contented Dinosaur: Charles E. Osgood 42
How to Find the Right Tree to Bark Up: Robert B. Lees 59
Three Linguistic Reincarnations of a Kashmiri Pandit: Braj B. Kachru 65
A Sense of Perspective: Charles Kisseberth 75
Part II: Memorial Tributes to a Builder: Henry Kahane  
Introduction 85
Memorial Tribute to Henry R. Kahane 87
Elmer H. Antonsen 87
Roberta Kahane Garner 89
Charles Kahane 91
Morton W. Weir 92
Larry R. Faulkner 94
Ladislav Zgusta 95
Braj B. Kachru 97
Part III: Graduate Student Research 1964-1992  
Introduction 103
Ph.D. Dissertation Abstracts 105
Master's Thesis Abstracts 239
Research in Progress up to August 1992 259
Author Index 263
Language Index 267
Regional Index 273
Area of Concentration 277
Index of Advisors 281

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Volume 23:1 (Spring 1993) 

This issue is available to order in paper format. 
Papers in General Linguistics
(Edited by Hans H. Hock) 

Preface v
Niken Adisasmito: Syllable structure and the nature of schwa in Indonesian 1
Paul Agbedor: Verb serialization in Ewe 21
Martin J. Baik & Rosa Shim: Yes, we have no bananas: English negative tags in cross-linguistic communication 43
Elabbas Benmamoun: The status of agreement and the agreement projection in Arabic 61
Marvin K. L. Ching: Examining the trustworthiness of the latest OED in reflecting current English 73
Abdul Aziz Diop: Language planning across political boundaries: A case study of Pulaar 83
Andrew Tilimbe Kulemeka: Bimoraicity in monosyllabic Chichewa ideophones 107
Sharon R. Morrison: A re-examination of cardinal vowels and auditory equidistance 117
Steven Schäufele: The Vedic clause-initial string and universal grammar 131
M. Lynne Murphy: Discourse markers and sentential syntax 163
Anvita Abbi (1992). Reduplication in South Asian languages: An areal, typological, and historical study. (Hans Henrich Hock) 169
Narindar K. Aggarwal (1991). Studies on Nepali language and linguistics: A bibliography. (Mithilesh K. Mishra) 193
John Baldwin & Peter French (1990). Forensic phonetics. (José Ignacio Hualde) 195
Recent Books 197
Contents of volumes 18 - 22 201

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Volume 23:2 (Fall 1993)

[Published October 1996]
Papers in General Linguistics
(Edited by Elmer H. Antonsen) 

Editor's Note and Correction ii
Sae-Youn Cho: Auxiliary verb constructions in Korean   1
Cassandre Creswell: Criticizing with a question   25
Abdul Aziz Diop: Vowel deletion in Pulaar: Rime and nuclear mergers and the issue of the syntax-phonology interface   33
Hans Henrich Hock: Subversion or convergence? The issue of pre-Vedic retroflexion reexamined   73
Joni Kay Hurley: Request formation in Ecuadorian Quichua   117
Nkonko M. Kamwangamalu: Advancement in some Asian and African languages   137
Emmanuel Kweku Osam: Animacy distinctions in Akan grammar   153
Uthaiwan Wong-opasi: The interplay between tone, stress, and syllabification in Thai   165
Mary A. Wu: Adjectival amd determinate measure phrases and NP interpretations in Mandarin Chinese   193

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Volume 24:1/2 (Spring/Fall 1994) 

This issue is available to order in paper format. 
Proceedings of the 5th Annual Conference of the Formal Linguistics Society of Mid-America
(Edited by James H. Yoon) 

Preface v
Akinbiyi Akinlabi: Alignment constraints in ATR harmony 1
Andrew Barss: Derivations and reconstruction 19
J. Fraser Bennett: Iambicity in Thai 39
Deborah Milam Berkeley: The OCP and gradient data 59
Rakesh Mohan Bhatt: On experiencers and subjects of perfect predicates 73
Andrew Carnie, Elizabeth Pyatt, & Heidi Harley: The Resurrection: Raising to Comp? Some evidence from Old Irish 83
Jennifer Cole & Charles W. Kisseberth: An optimal domainstheory of harmony 101
Michel DeGraff: The morphology-syntax interface in creolization (and diachrony) 115
Maarten de Wind: Checking interrogative subject pronouns in French 133
Alexis Dimitriadis: Clitics and island-insensitive object drop 153
George Fowler: Verbal prefixes as functional heads 171
Stefan Frisch: Reanalysis precedes syntactic change: Evidence from Middle English 187
Janine Graziano-King: Selection properties of raising verbs 203
Georgia M. Green: The structure of context: The representation of pragmatic restrictions in HPSG 215
Rebecca Herman: "La Double Vie de W" or the status of [w] in Karuk 233
Elizabeth Hume & David Odden: Contra [consonantal] 245
Jongho Jun: A constraint-based analysis of place assimilation typology 263
Mark Kas & Frans Zwarts: Intervention phenomena: Towards an extended monotonicity calculus 279
David Kathman: Infinitival complements in a Minimalist theory of grammar 293
Andreas Kathol: Parasitic "gaps" in German revisited 303
Byong-Kwon Kim: VP-internal subject hypothesis and ATG gap parallelism 317
Martina Lindseth: Overt expletives and thematic subjects in West Slavic 333
Jairo Nunões: Another look at Lithuanian impersonal passives 347
Mari Broman Olsen: The semantics and pragmatics of lexical aspect features 361
Janina Radó: Complexity limitations on parsers and grammars 377
Carson T. Schütze: Serbo-Croation second position clitic placement: Syntax is not enough 389
Kuo-ming Sung: A typological study of NP extraction from QP 403
Ellen Thompson: The syntax and semantics of temporal adjunct clauses 419
Natsuko Tsujimura: Resultatives and motion verbs in Japanese 429
Spyridoula Varlokosta: Factive complements and wh-extraction 441
Gert Webelhuth & Farrell Ackermann: German idioms: An empirical approach 455
Mary Wu: Demonstratives, focus, and the interpretation of complex NPs in Mandarin Chinese 473

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Volume 25:1 (Spring 1995) 

[Published January 1997]
Papers in General Linguistics
(Edited by Elmer H. Antonsen) 

Editor's Note ii
Elmer H. Antonsen: On phonological reconstruction: 'Weil die Schrift immer strebt …' 1
Laura J. Downing: Correspondence effects in Siswati reduplication 17
Anna M. Kishe: The modernization of Tanzanian KiSwahili and language change 37
Andrew Tilimbe Kulemeka: On the meaning of Chichewa ideophones 51
Carol Kutryb: The effect of complementizer that on extraction from embedded clauses 67
Anita Pandey: The pragmatics of code alteration in Nigerian English 75
Yuriko Suzuki Kose: Sentence-final particles in Japanese — an alternative to scalar analyses 119
Frans van Coetsem: Variation in the rate of language change due to societal influence: Examples from the Germanic languages 137
Mary A. Wu: Meaning and form: Computing definite and uniqueness readings of complex noun phrases in Mandarin Chinese 145
Alaa Elgibali (ed.) (1996). Understanding Arabic: Essays in Contemporary Arabic Linguistics in Honor of El-Said Badawi. (Elabbas Benmamoun) 159
Christoph Gutknecht & Lutz J. Rölle (1996). Translating by Factors. (Ladislav Zgusta) 163
Alexander M. Schenker (1996). The Dawn of Slavic: An Introduction to Slavic Philology. (Frank Y. Gladney) 167

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Volume 25:2 (Fall 1995) 

This issue is available to order in paper format. 
Language, Gender and Power
(Edited by Yamuna Kachru and Lawrence F Bouton) 

Introduction 1
Section 1: Cross-Sex Communication: Dominance or Difference?  
Anita Taylor: Language and the construction of gender: Clarifying ideas about gender 11
V. L. DeFrancisco: Difference or dominance: A critique of two theoretical attempts to explain gender based communication barriers 29
Section 2: Gender Marking in Language and Language Use  
V. C. Mueller Gathercole & D. J. Hasson: Gender marking in Spanish: Linguistic and sociological determinants of feminine form in words for humans 49
T. M. Valentine: What's the point? Storytelling by women in India 77
Section 3: Gender and Power in Classroom Interaction  
V. L. Bergvall: Joining in academic conversation: Gender, power and the apportionment of turns at talk 105
Gerald J. Savage: Sociolinguistic construction of power in two classroom peer groups 131
Section 4: Gender and Language in the Professions  
Susan S. Case: Gender, language and the professions: Recognition of wide-verbal-repertoire in speech 149
ennie Dautermann: A case for examining professional voices in institutional settings: Nurses in conversation 193
Lysanne Langevin: Of manpower and words: A study of linguistic markers of inclusion and exclusion in managerial work in the educational system 217
Bibliography 231
Notes on Authors 265
Index 269

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Volume 26:1/2 (Spring/Fall 1996) 

This issue is available to order in paper format. 
Studies in Chinese Linguistics
(Edited by Chin-Chuan Cheng, Jerome L. Packard, & James H. Yoon) 

Foreword v
Marjorie K. M. Chan: Gender-marked speech in Cantonese: The case of sentence-final particles jeÌ and jeÌk. 1
Miao-Hsia Chang: The grammaticalization of beh in Taiwanese Hokkian 39
Si-Qing Chen: The automatic identification and recovery of Chinese acronyms 61
Raung-fu Chung: The glottal stop at the end of a Southern Min syllable 83
San Duanmu: Pre-juncture lengthening and foot binarity 95
Thomas Ernst: Chinese evidence for semi-arguments 117
Robert Good: The automatic identification of English transliterated loanwords in Chinese 133
Hsin-I Hsieh: Diffusionism, interactionism, and dynamism: Language as a window on the mind 143
Miao-Ling Hsieh: On the functions of three forms of negation in Chinese 161
Yen-hui Audrey Li: Definite and indefinite existential constructions 175
Huei-Ling Lin: A lexical-syntactic analysis of resultative compounds in Mandarin Chinese 193
Yen-Hwei Lin: Surface vowels and markedness 205
Luther Cheng-Sheng Liu:. A note on Chinese comparatives 217
Kevin F. Miller: Linguistic structure and cognitive development: Chinese/English comparisons 237
Waltraud Paul: Verb raising in Mandarin Chinese 255
Dingxu Shi: The nature of Chinese verb-reduplication constructions 271
Lily I-Wen Su: Anaphora and discourse structure in spoken Chinese 285
Sze-Wing Tang: Distributivity and locality of lexical quantification 307
Ting-chi Tang: On reduplication of adjectives in Chinese: A comparative study of Mandarin and Southern Min 325
Miao-Fen Tseng: An examination of Chinese invitational discourse: How Chinese accept an invitation 341
Mary Wu: Associative phrase revisited 357
Yu-Ling You: Interpreting Chinese zero-anaphors: Determining the scope of topic continuity and re-examining the recovery rules 371
Hongming Zhang: On directions and tiers of tone-spreading: A case study of Danyang 399

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Volume 27:1 (Spring 1997)

Papers in Phonology from the Second Mid-Continental Workshop on Phonology
(Edited by Jennifer Cole with the assistance of Elmer H. Antonsen) 

Foreword v
Anna Bosch & Kenneth de Jong: The prosody of Barra Gaelic epenthetic vowels   1
Mary M. Bradshaw: A phonology-phonetics mismatch: [voice] in consonant-tone interaction   17
Chin Wan Chung: A correspondence-theoretic approach to partial reduplication in Korean   33
San Duanmu: Phonologically motivated word order movement: Evidence from Chinese compounds   49
Stefan Frisch: Against underspecification in speech errors   79
Dale Hartkemeyer: Romancing the vowels: An optimality-theoretic account of vowel loss from Vulgar Latin to early Western Romance   99
Elizabeth Hume, Jennifer Muller, & Aone van Engelenhoven: Initial geminates in Leti: Consequences for moraic theory   119
Joo-Kyeong Lee: The asymmetry of C/V coarticulation in CV and VC structures and its implications in phonology   139
Amanda L. Miller-Ockhuizen: A decompositional analysis of Khoisan lexical tone   153
James Myers: Canadian Raising and the representation of gradient timing relations   169
Bushra Adnan Zawaydeh: An acoustic analysis of uvularization spread in Ammani-Jordanian Arabic   185


Volume 27:2 (Fall 1997)

Papers in General Linguistics
(Edited by Elmer H. Antonsen) 

Memorial Tributes to Robert B. Lees  
Braj B. Kachru 1
Chin-Woo Kim 5
Noam Chomsky 7
Kenneth L. Hale 8
Frederick Newmeyer 8
Arnold Zwicky 9
Papers in General Linguistics
Martin Jonghak Baik & Rosa Jinyoung Shim: English education in Korea: A tool for teaching civic virtues?   11
Mohammad Dabir-Moghaddam: Compound verbs in Persian   25
Jose Ignacio Hualde: Spanish /i/ and related sounds: An exercise in phonemic analysis   61
F. K. Lehman, with Kenneth Van Bik: Notes on Lai Chin personal pronouns and overt case marking   81
Huei-Ling Lin: The parallelism between phrasal resultatives and object-oriented resultative compounds   87
Molly Mack: The monolingual native speaker: not a norm, but still a necessity   113
Su Jung Min: Constructing ideology: A critical linguistic analysis   147
Bryan Pate: A synecdochic description of moral attributives applied to deity and people, places and things   167
Review Article
Michael Toolan (1996). Total Speech: An Integrational Linguistic Approach to Language. (Ladislav Zgusta)   183
Arne Juul, Hans F. Nielsen, and Jurgen Erik Nielsen (eds.) (1995). A Linguist's Life: An English Translation of Otto Jespersen's Autobiography with Notes, Photos and a Bibliography. (Elmer H. Antonsen)   189
Edwin L. Battistella (1996). The Logic of Markedness. (M. Lynne Murphy)   193


Volume 28:1 (Spring 1998)

Papers in General Linguistics
(Edited by Elmer H. Antonsen) 

Georgia Green: Unnatural kind terms and a theory of the lexicon   1
Molly Homer: Conditioning factors for progressive and regressive nasal harmony   27
José Ignacio Hualde & Iñaki Gaminde: Vowel interaction in Basque: A nearly exhaustive catalogue   41
Yamuna Kachru: Culture and speech acts: Evidence fom Indian and Singaporean English   79
Moses K. Kambou: The acquisition of Lingala tense-aspect by American college students   99
Hyo-Young Kim: Prenucleus glides in Korean   113
Hiroki Koga: English Tough Sentence Analysis of Japanese 'Intransitivized' Verbal Gerund + Ar ('be') Sentences   137
Elizabeth Martin: The use of English in written French advertising: A study of code-switching, code-mixing, and borrowing in a commercial context   159
Edward A. Miner: Discursive constructions of Kiswahili-speakers in Ugandan popular media   185
Joyce B. G. Sukumane: African Languages, English, and educational policy in Namibia   207
Review Article
Kenneth J. Wireback: The Role of Phonological Structure in Sound Change from Latin to Spanish and Portuguese. (Dale Hartkemeyer)   221


Volume 28:2 (Fall 1998)
Papers from the Symposium:
'The Linguistic Sciences in a Changing Context'

(Edited by Jerry L. Morgan & Elmer H. Antonsen) 

Braj B. Kachru: Preface 3
Jerry L. Morgan: Foreword 7
Paul Newman: We has seen the enemy and it is us: The endangered languages issue as a hopeless cause   11
William D. Davies: Strengthening the ties that exist: Reexploring charted territory   23
Donna Christian: Applying linguistics and applied liinguistics in 2000 and beyond   31
Molly Mack: If I only had a brain: Examination of the past, present, and future roles of the neurosciences in the linguistic sciences   41
Stephen E. Levinson: Human-machine communication by voice   93
Daniel Jurafsky: Linguistics in a computational world   107
Lise Menn: Linguistics and interdisciplinary initiatives at Colorado: Obstacles and opportunities   117
Brian D. Joseph: Linguistics for 'everystudent'   123
Salikoko S. Mufwene: The ecology of language: New imperatives in linguistics curricula   135
Papers in General Linguistics
(Edited by Elmer H. Antonsen)
Lee S. Bickmore: Metathesis and Dahl's law in Ekegusii   149
Gérard Kedrebéogo: Language maintenance and language shift in Burkina Faso: The case of the Koromba   169

You can access the contents of this volume in PDF format here: 

Volume 29:1 (Spring 1999)

Papers in Semantics
(Edited by Peter L. Lasersohn) 

Chris Barker: Temporary accommodation: I am the oldest of my siblings   3
Greg N. Carlson: Evaluating generics   13
Jong-Yul Cha: Semantics of Korean gapless relative clause constructions   25
Theodore B. Fernald: Evidential coercion: Using individual-level predicates in stage-level environments   43
Christopher Kennedy: Gradable adjectives denote measure functions, not partial functions   65
Peter Lasersohn: Parts, wholes, and still   81
Mary Wu: A compositional syntax for complex demonstrative noun phrases in Mandarin Chinese   87
Papers in General Linguistics
(Edited by Elmer H. Antonsen)
V. U. Longe: The linguistic realization of paralinguistic features in admini-strative language   113
Fallou Ngom: A sociolinguistic profile of the Senegalese speech community   131
Eyovi Njwe: Instrumental motivation in OL2 learning: A case study of exo-glossic bilingual proficiency amongst Cameroon university students   147
Mike Beaken: The Making of Language. (Chin-W. Kim)   159
Andrew Dalby: Dictionary of Languages: The Definitive Reference to More than 400 Languages. (Elmer H. Antonsen)   165
Nanette Gottlieb: Kanji Politics: Language Policy and Japanese Script. (Seiko Fujii)   167


Volume 29:2 (Fall, 1999)

This issue is available to order in paper format. 
Forum Lectures, 1999 Linguistics Institute
(Edited by Adele Goldberg, with Elmer H. Antonsen) 

Preface v
Eve V. Clark: Acquisition in the course of conversation 1
Sarah G. Thomason: Speakers' choices in language change 19
Masayoshi Shibatani: Dative subject constructions twenty-two years later 45
Ronald W. Langacker: Virtual reality 77
Arnold M. Zwicky: Same but different 105
Janet Pierrehumbert: What people know about sounds of language 111
Review article
Christina Y. Bethin. Slavic Prosody: Language Change and Phonological Theory. (Frank Y. Gladney) 121
Roland J.-L. Breton. Atlas of the Languages and Ethnic Communities of South Asia. (Hans Henrich Hock) 135

You can access the contents of this volume in PDF format here: