ESL Grammar Workshop Series

Each semester, all international students at Illinois are invited to attend the ESL Grammar Workshop Series hosted by students in EIL 422: English Grammar for ESL Teachers, and the ESL Program.

Dates and Registration

Please click here for the registration form and a complete list of the dates/topics offered for this semester.


ALL sessions are FREE.


Sessions will be held in FLB G-52 (basement level). 


The following topics are the most difficult areas for ESL students and thus are generally covered in the workshop series:

  • Sentence Structure
  • Phrase structure
  • Articles
  • Tense & Aspect
  • Passives & Participles


Each session will last either 90 minutes or two hours. Each session will include both a lecture/whole-class discussion and hands-on practice / activities. There will be 2 to 4 instructors for each session, so students will have opportunities to ask for one-on-one help during practice and activities.

Contact Information

Please click here for registration information. Please contact Mai Mohamed at for any questions about registration.