Pronunciation Focus

ESL 110 and 510 are designed to improve the international student's ability to speak and understand English at normal conversational speed and to give the student the ability to continue improving pronunciation and oral fluency skills after the course is finished. Focus on the rhythm, stress, intonation, and sounds of natural speech, and the use of ordinary English spelling to guide the pronunciation of newly encountered words.

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Placement Procedures for ESL 110/510 – the General Oral Course

EIL 110/510 was designed for students who are required to take it by the EPT. These students are given highest priority for enrollment.

Students who are recommended to take the course (based on the EPT results), and whose departments or advisors want them to take the course, are given next highest priority.

The third priority is given to students who took the EPT and were exempted from 110/510 (based on EPT results)and to elective students who have not taken the EPT.

An elective student may take the EPT prior to enrollment but doing so is not mandatory. The student need only take the oral interview component of the EPT.

Students – required, recommended, or elective – may preregister for any section of ESL 110/510 until the first day of the semester using UI Enterprise services. Students who are unable to enroll before the start of the semester should attend the preferred section from the first day and continue attending while the section is constituted on the basis of the priorities above. This will assure that the student is present for subsequent in-class diagnostic assessment and, if ultimately allowed to enroll, will not be behind in course work. Students allowed to enroll may register for the section when authorized to do so by the section instructor. Enrollment is closed after the third class meeting.

For further information, please contact the Pronunciation course coordinator, Suzanne Franks (