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Welcome to the Arabic Program at UIUC! This web page contains free resources and learning materials to help those interested get started with their journey of learning Arabic.


Are you unsure of where to start or which dialect to focus on first? This article offers a good explanation of the various Arabic dialects and is a great resource for those unsure of how to approach learning Arabic.Arabic Alphabet


Regardless of which dialect you wish to study, the same Arabic alphabet will be used throughout. Click here for a website that offers a thorough explanation of the Arabic alphabet.


A good online resource that covers the basics and fundamentals of the Arabic language in both Modern Standard and the Egyptian dialect is Arabic Desert Sky. It covers the basic points of the language and is a good resource for new learners as well as those with background to brush up on their fundamentals. In addition, their language learning links offer an exhaustive list of resources including materials for many dialects of Arabic, links to videos, books, TV programs and movies, music, newspapers, magazines, and more.

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An easy-to-use, intuitive, and comprehensive online dictionary for Arabic can be found here. It displays the root form for various words, as well as conjugation charts and definitions.

In addition, a good resource for anyone looking to improve Arabic vocabulary in a scientific context is the Arabic website of the Scientific American. It is regularly updated with many scientific articles and podcasts.

Jon Weinert (Lecturer in Middle East Studies, Smith College) has made informative videos to teach  grammar concepts. These can be found through FC LangMedia YouTube channel. For example, there is this video about  Arabic Grammar: An Introduction to the 'maSdar' (Verbal Noun) and Form I patterns المصدر, Part 1, and the maSdar patterns for forms II-V in Arabic Grammar: The 'maSdar' (Verbal Noun), Part 2: Derived Forms II-V المصدر, and lastly, Arabic Grammar: The 'maSdar' (Verbal Noun), Part 3: Derived Forms VI-X المصدر.  You may enjoy this  أغنية عن الأوزان from the Georgetown website of resources for Al-Kitaab, Vol 2 (with credit to Bud Kauffman and Anna Ziajka Stanton!). 

Students can get access to the videos from Al Kitaab, Part 1 and Part 2, second edition through this link:

Lastly, students of the Arabic Program at UIUC have an Arabic Magazine called  Lisaan Al-Dhaad. It has a multitude of content including videos, poems, articles, and more, all created by students of the Arabic Program here at UIUC.


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