OEAI Schedule and Registration

OEAI Registration

All OEAI examinees must be registered in advance. Individual departments register eligible graduate students via an online registration system.
Students may not register themselves.

The URL for registration can be found here: OEAI registration form for department officials.

Given the number of students that are interviewed each semester and the availability of our interview team, we cannot accommodate the individual schedules of each prospective TA. Scheduled OEAI examinees should be advised that the OEAI is a Provost-approved absence and instructors are expected to make reasonable accommodations for a student who is scheduled to take the OEAI. Examinees are responsible for contacting their instructors regarding the absence or tardiness or any missed work. We do take general student preferences (AM vs PM, which part of a month, etc.) into consideration when scheduling, but no specific time slots can be guaranteed.

In order to register graduate students for the OEAI, departmental contacts will need the following information:
1. Student’s full name, birthdate, preferred email address, UIN, NetID
2. The language that the student lists on his/her graduate application form as “first,” “primary,” or “native” language (the language that they first learned and continue to speak at home) and home country
3. Hiring department and specialization (if needed for selecting terms)
4. Student’s TOEFL iBT or IELTS speaking section score, if any, and the date of said test.
5. The number of previous OEAI/EPI attempts
6. For students who are retaking the exam, either the ESL course number that the student completed or is currently enrolled in (ESL 504, 506, or 510) or, if the student elected tutoring, the name of the approved OEAI tutor.

Typically, within 2 weeks after receipt of an OEAI registration, we will email the student's schedule to the department contact and to the student. Departments will no longer need to forward the schedule to their students. We will send two automatic email reminders to students, at one week and at one day before their exam time.


Examinees should arrive 10 minutes before their scheduled interview.
Students should allow ample time to set up their Zoom account and log in to join the meeting, as we reserve the right to not interview applicants who arrive late to their interview.
When a student needs to cancel or reschedule an OEAI, the hiring department should inform the OEAI office at least 1 week prior to the scheduled interview time, so the interview time can be offered to another student. Cancellations or requests to reschedule an OEAI must come from the department. In the case of an emergency, the hiring department should notify the OEAI office as soon as possible. The scheduled OEAI can, of course, be cancelled, but we cannot guarantee that it can be rescheduled during the same semester.
Students who do not show up for their scheduled interview time and have not had their department cancel the interview at least 2 business days in advance will have that no-show counted as one of their 3 attempts.

OEAI Scheduling

The OEAI is administered throughout each semester. In Fall, Spring, and Summer terms, first-time examinees are scheduled during the first half of the exam period. Those graduate students who are retaking the OEAI are scheduled backwards from the end of the semester so that they have as much time as possible to finish ESL course work or tutoring.

Students should let their departments know any general scheduling preferences before being registered for the OEAI.

Summer 2023 interviews (for Fall 2023 TAships and beyond):
Registration is currently open. Testing will run from June 16th through August 16th. Repeat test-takers who are engaged in English language development over the summer will be scheduled for tests in August.

Interview dates:
To be determined.

Appearing for the OEAI:
The OEAI is administered online via Zoom.
On your assigned exam date/time, you can complete your OEAI by computer or phone. We strongly recommend that you use a computer, if possible.
To complete your OEAI, you must have the following:
Stable internet connection (minimum of 2 mbps for upload and download)
Webcam or build-in camera
Speakers, ear buds, or headphones
Microphone (volume set in the 50% to 75% range)
A quiet and private location to take the exam
An official ID which includes your photo and name in Latin Alphabet script.

More detailed instructions for accessing the online interview will be sent to each examinee one week in advance of the interview.

Annual OEAI exam cycle
Testing Period Registration opens Interview Dates Eligible Students
Fall Late August Early October through December All graduate students
January (limited) December During pre-semester orientation week, before Graduate Academy Incoming graduate students considered for Spring TA appointments (first-time test-takers)
Spring February Early March through May All graduate students
Summer 1 Late April Late May and June First time OEAI test-takers being considered for Summer 2 or Fall TA appointments
Summer 2 Early June July and early August

All graduate students

Not elligible: students who failed the OEAI in Summer 1

Pre-Fall (limited) June One week prior to Graduate Academy

Priority given to students who are being considered for Fall TA appointments.

Not elligible: students who failed the OEAI in Summer.