**Announcement regarding COVID-19: We are holding a virtual institute for the Summer of 2020. All SILMW classes will take place online. The deadline for SILMW registration is now May 15th, 2020. The below information is not applicable to Summer 2020. **


The Foreign Languages Building (FLB)

Most of the SILMW classes and activities are held in the Foreign Languages Building. The address is 707 S. Mathews Ave. Urbana, IL 61801. The nearest crossroads are Mathews and Nevada.

FLB 1080: 

This is a lounge on the first floor of FLB. The majority of weekly lectures and weekly movie showings will be held here.

Rooms that start with G: 

Many of the classrooms that the languages classes are held in are in the basement. If the room for your class begins with G, this means that it is held in the basement.

FLB 4080:

Located on the fourth floor of FLB, this is where the main offices are located. 

Davenport Hall (DH)

Many of the language classes will also have class in Davenport Hall. Davenport Hall is right next to FLB. The nearest crossroads are Mathews Ave and Oregon St.

Asian American Cultural Center (AACC)

Almost all cooking classes will be held at the AACC. The address is 1210 W. Nevada St. Urbana, IL 61801. It is on Nevada between Mathews and Goodwin and is just a short walk from FLB.

The FLB Annex Oregon Facility

1207 W. Oregon is on Oregon between Mathews and Goodwin.

Oregon 31:

This is the Resource Room for the Summer Institute for Languages of the Muslim World. Conversation tables and other activities may be held here.

Oregon 38:

This is the office for LCTL/SILMW GA. Feel free to reach out to our GA if you have questions about scheduling, location and activities.

Espresso Royale

1117 W. Oregon St. Urbana. This is a coffee shop near FLB where many conversation tables are held.

Swetland - Newman Center

604 E. Armory Ave. Champaign IL 61820 is the Newman Center address. We will be holding our end of the program showcase in this building.

Crystal Lake Park Lake House

206 W. Park Street, Urbana 61801. This is the location where we will be hosting our Ramadan dinner. This location is off campus, and can be reached by bus, by bike or by foot (30 minute walk). Additionally, students can arrange with their instructors for carpooling if their instructors have cars.