Professor Tania Ionin is among the five University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign professors named University Scholars 2021-22. A gathering on Jan 31, 2022 honored two years of University Scholars from the Urbana campus. University Scholars are recognized for their excellence in teaching, scholarship and service.

From the Campus News Bureau:

"Ionin is a world-renowned scholar in the fields of second language acquisition and formal semantics, two very different subfields of linguistics. Formal semantics, a field that studies meaning in relation to linguistic structure and use, is informed by mathematics, logic and philosophy, while SLA has intellectual ties to psycholinguistics, language development, pedagogy and classroom practice, and requires significant expertise in experimental and quantitative methods of research. It would take a lifetime’s work for most individuals to stake out a reputation in just one field, but Ionin has international visibility in both areas."

Congratulations to Professor Ionin!

Photos from the gathering:

photo of honor event on Jan 31 2022 with Professors James Yoon, Tania Ionin and Silvina Montrul


photo of honor event on Jan 31 2022