EPT Registration & Information

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The EPT consists of two parts: a written test and an oral test. The writing test requires students to produce an academic essay based on the information obtained from a series of short reading passages and a short lecture. In the oral test, students are asked to complete a series of speaking tasks during a separate oral interview. 

All students are strongly recommended to take the EPT well before classes begin, and if possible, at least two full business days before meeting with their advisor(s) to do final course selection.

Undergraduates: If you are required to take the test, you do not have to take the test before your first meeting with your advisor, but you should register for the test before that meeting to ensure you can enroll in courses. You can still take the test after your initial registration meeting.

Students will be placed into or exempted from the general oral or written ESL service courses based on the results of the test.


The table below serves as a guide to upcoming 2022 test dates and how to register. More information about test window timing is available on the registration page. (For your safety, and to comply with the campus policy regarding COVID-19, all tests will be conducted online until further notice)

Test Window Availability Oral-EPT-only registration* Notes
February 26th Registration open here Oral-EPT-only registration open here  
March 5th Registration open here Oral-EPT-only registration open here  


* Use this link if you plan to ONLY take the oral portion of the EPT. 

** A note on re-takes: Please note that re-taking the EPT is not permitted. If you have taken the EPT and have gotten results, you will have to complete any required courses based on these results. You may not take the EPT again.


Please refer to the Test Procedure Page to learn more about the test.