EPT Information and Registration for Graduate Students, Visiting Scholars, Faculty, and Staff

Student taking notes

International graduate students whose total TOEFL scores are 102 (TOEFL iBT) or below (*total IELTS score of 7.0 or below) are required to take the EPT.

Further details about TOEFL and IELTS requirements are given at the following websites: http://www.grad.illinois.edu/admissions/instructions/04c.cfm

If you are a graduate student and are required to take the English Placement Test (EPT), you should take the on-campus EPT. If you are a visiting scholar, faculty or staff, you should contact the ESL program (eslwriting@illinois.edu) for ESL 592/3 (formerly ESL502/3) and don't register for the EPT

*Online EPT is not offered to Graduate Students.

* Graduate courses have been renumbered. Please check the changes in Interpreting EPT scores.

Oral EPT

If you are a graduate student and you have submitted TOEFL scores with a speaking score of 18 or lower, or IELTS scores with a speaking score of 6.0 or lower, then you will be required to take the oral section of the EPT. This will be arranged when you show up for the written portion of the exam.

Note: The EPT does not assess or in any way affect the qualification of graduate student International Teaching Assistants (ITAs). For information about English language assessment requirements of ITAs, please go visit the Graduate College.


Registration for the Fall 2019 Mid-Semester EPT is now available!

Fall 2019 Mid-Semester on-campus EPT testing date:
  • Saturday, October 12th (9am)



Take the EPT Practice test (online version) to prepare for the EPT. Log in with your NetID and enroll yourself with the enrollment key: eptpractice2017!

You will need your Illinois NET ID and AD Password to register for the test and to take the practice test.

To learn about the procedure, required materials, and other information about the On-campus EPT, please read the On-campus EPT Guide (updated 5/3/2017). Please read the instructions carefully before you register.

It is strongly advised that students take the test before the start of instruction to receive the results in time for class registration.