The Arabic High School Program will take place from June 9, 2024 to June 22, 2024


Once you have been accepted, please complete the registration and payment process as described below.

Registration and payment must be completed online. When you follow the link at the bottom of this page, you will be asked to create an account and then complete registration and payment information. Payment can be made by credit card or check.

All accepted students must register and pay the deposit by April 14th, 2024 to secure a spot in the program. Even if you receive a full scholarship and no deposit or payment is due, you must register online.

Payment balances are also due by May 26th, 2024.



Accepted students must complete the following permission forms online at this link:

Students who need dietary accommodations should also fill out this form:



The following documents and links contain information about the program schedule, housing and meals (if you are staying in the dorms), and recommendations for what to bring with you. Please read them carefully.

For COVID-related guidelines, click here for COVID-19 Safety Protocol page.