Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much does SILMW cost?

The cost of SILMW depends on how many credits you are taking (10 credits for elementary, 8 credits for intermediate, 6 credits for advanced classes in a language) and when you first enrolled at UIUC. UIUC students could check the following link for the tuition rate per credit hours as well as the campus fees:



For non-UIUC students, non-degree undergraduate students' tuition rate can be viewed here and non-degree graduate students' tuition rate can be viewed here. The same rate is applied for international students. An additional general campus fee will also be assessed. 


2. What is the SILMW schedule?

The classes are run from 9-11 and 12-2

Elementary classes: M-F

Intermediate classes:M-R and half day on Friday

Advanced classes: M-R

We also have after class cultural activities (2-4pm, tentatively)


3. How many credits do I get? Are they University of Illinois credits?

The number of credit depends on what level of a language you are taking.

Elementary: 5 credits per session. SILMW is two sessions long, so 10 credits total

Intermediate: 4 credits per session, 8 credits total

Advanced: 3 credits per session, 6 credits total.

They are regular University of Illinois credits.


4. How long is SILMW?

SILMW is 8 weeks long. It runs during Summer II Session. There are no breaks during SILMW, but it is structured in two semesters, each semester is 4 weeks long.


5. How do I sign up?

If you are a UIUC student, you can sign up through UIUC Self Service during the Summer term registration period (the same way you sign up for your classes during the school year (through Self Service). Each of the languages has its own subject heading (i.e. ARAB for Arabic).

If you are not a UIUC student you must first apply as a non-degree seeking student via The Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning. After you are admitted to the University as a non-degree student you will be able to enroll using UIUC Self Service during the Summer term registration period.


6. What languages do you offer?







7. I tried to register online through UIUC Self Service for two language courses during SILMW, but I could not, and I was told that I had exceeded the maximum allowable number of hours. What should I do?

The maximum allowable number of hours to register for during the summer may differ from student to student. If you encounter this issue, you may still register for both courses by requesting a course overload. You can do this online by completing and submitting this form. To access the form, you will be required to log in with your NetID and password. Once your request is processed and accepted, you may go back to the UIUC Self Service and register for your two courses.


8. Can international students register for SILMW? How much does it cost?

International students are welcome to register for SILMW. The cost for international students is the same as the cost for non-UIUC students. See more information here.


9. When will I be able to see my final grades for SILMW?

Final grades are processed only once for the entire summer term. Therefore, regardless of which SILMW courses students take, all students will be able to see their final grades from the evening of August 12th.

High school students should view their grades following the instructions here.


10. Are faculty and staff able to attend the program?

Yes, faculty and staff can register for SILMW following the steps in 5 (How do I sign up?) above.