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John E Kotnarowski

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Contact Information

2027 Literatures, Cultures & Linguistics Building
707 S. Mathews Ave. | MC-168
Urbana, IL 61801
Senior Lecturer & Course Specialist - Undergraduate Academic Writing


A teacher of English to speakers of other languages for the last ten years with a special focus on second language writing instruction and materials design and development.

Research Interests

EAP/ESP writing
Language Assessment
Materials Design


MATESOL, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
BA, History & Philosophy, University of Wisconsin, Madison


  • University of Illinois College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Student Success Initiative Grant (2022-2024) 
  • Scholars Travel Fund Grants (Fall 2016, Spring 2018, Spring 2019, Spring 2023)

Awards and Honors

  • U.S. State Department English Language Fellowship (AY14-15) - NUST MISiS (Moscow, Russian Federation)
  • Huazhong Agricultural University Summer English Communication Program (Summer 2017) - Wuhan, China
  • American English @ State Developer/Presenter (Fall 2016, Spring 2019, Summer 2020) 

Courses Taught

  • ESL 111 (F2F & Online)
  • ESL 112 (F2F & Online)
  • ESL 115
  • ESL 500
  • ESL 501/515
  • ESL 502/592
  • ESL 503/593
  • ESL 512 (Online)
  • ESL 521 (Online)
  • ESL 504

Additional Campus Affiliations

Senior Lecturer, Linguistics

Recent Publications

Deeke, A., Feist, K., Kotnarowski, J., & Pennell, J. (2023). Fostering Interdisciplinary Collaboration Via Lesson Study. In D. Mueller (Ed.), Forging the Future: The Proceedings of the ACRL 2023 Conference (pp. 396-405). Association of College and Research Libraries.

Yan, X., Kim, H. R., & Kotnarowski, J. E. (2021). Development of a Profile-Based Writing Scale: How Collaboration with Teachers Enhanced Assessment Practice in a Post-Admission ESL Writing Program at a USA University. In B. Lanteigne, C. Coombe, & J. D. Brown (Eds.), Challenges in Language Testing Around the World: Insights for Language Test Users (pp. 529-546). Springer.

Kotnarowski, J. E., & Rosado, C. A. (2020). Picking Teams: A Communicative Decision-Making Game. In U. Nurmukhamedov , & R. Sadler (Eds.), New Ways in Teaching with Games (pp. 5-7). TESOL Press.

Rosado, C. A., & Kotnarowski, J. E. (2020). Teaching Questions and Descriptions With “International Guess Who?”. In U. Nurmukhamedov, & R. Sadler (Eds.), New Ways in Teaching with Games (pp. 93-94). TESOL Press.

Kotnarowski, J. E. (2019). Rhetorical analysis. In R. Sadler, J. K. Pennell, & J. Kotnarowski (Eds.), Academic Writing for English Language Learners eText at Illinois.

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