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Jonathan E. MacDonald, PhD

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Contact Information

4016D Literatures, Cultures & Linguistics Bldg.
707 S. Mathews Ave. | MC-168
Urbana, IL 61801
Associate Professor

Research Interests

Syntactic Theory
Comparative Syntax
Romance Linguistics
Inner Aspect


2006 Ph.D. Stony Brook University

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Highlighted Publications

Edited Volumes

2018. Contemporary Trends in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

2020. With Ionin, Tania. Formal approaches to Slavic Linguistics 26: The Urbana-Champaign Meeting 2017. Michigan Slavic Publications.

2021. With Grant Armstrong. Unravelling the Complexity of SE. Studies in Natural Language and Linguistics Theory. Springer.

2022. With Zsuzsanna Fagyal, Ander Beristain, & Robin Turner. (eds.) Selected proceedings of the 51st Linguistics Symposium on Romance Languages in Special Issue of Isogloss: Open Journal on Romance Linguistics, as part of the Romance Languages and Linguistics Series volume 18 (RLLT 18). (


2008. The syntactic nature of inner aspect: A minimalist perspective. John Benjamins.

Journal Articles

2018. "Passive se in Romanian and Spanish: a linguistic cycle." Journal of Linguistics, vol. 54.

2017. "An implicit projected argument in Spanish impersonal and passive se constructions." Syntax, vol. 20, no. 4.

2017. "Spanish Aspectual se as an indirect object reflexive: evidence from (a)telicity, bare nouns and leísta PCC repairs." Probus, vol. 29, no. 1.

2011. With Barbara Ürögdi. "Against stativizing negation, expletive negation and NPI-until." Acta Lingüística Hungarica, vol. 58, no. 3.

2011. "The phrase structure of phase verbs: An initial contrastive analysis of English and Russian." Acta Lingüística Hungarica, vol. 58, no. 3.

2010. "Syntax and Aspect: The aspectual influence of the noun phrase: (a)telicity, (a)symmetry, incrementality and universality." Language and Linguistics Compass.

2008. "Domain of aspectual interpretation." Linguistic Inquiry.

Book Contributions

2021. With Almike Vázquez-Lozares. On (un)grammatical sequences of ses in Spanish. In G. Alboiu & R. King (eds.) Points of Convergence in Romance Linguistics. Papers selected from the 48th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Langauges (LSRL 48), Toronto, 25-28 April 2018 (with Almike Vázquez-Lozares).

2021. With Almike Vázquez-Lozares. Spanish impersonal se in control infinitivals and the ungrammaticality of se se sequences. In East and West of The Pentacrest: Linguistic Studies in Honor of Paula Kempchinsky.

2021. With Matthew Maddox."Reflexive constructions in German, Spanish, and French as a product of cyclic interaction." In S. Wolfe & C. Meklenborg (eds.) Continuity and Variation in German and Romance. OUP.

2021. With Grant Armstrong. A guide to understanding SE constructions: where they come from and how they are connected. In Grant Armstrong & Jonathan E. MacDonald (eds.) Unraveling the complexity of the SE clitic.

2021. With Jeriel Melgares. On (un)grammatical clitic sequences in impersonal se constructions. In Grant Armstrong & Jonathan E. MacDonald (eds.) Unraveling the complexity of the SE clitic.

2015. "Extended projections of V: aspect." Contemporary Linguistic Parameters.

2015. "A case of multiple Agree: Accusative, not Dative se." Romance Linguistics 2012. Selected papers from the 42nd Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages.

2012. With Carlos de Cuba "Referentiality in Spanish CPs." Agreement, Information Structure and the CP, edited by V. Camacho-Toboada, edited by A. Jiménez-Fernández. John Benjamins.

2012. With José María Brucart. "Empty Categories and Ellipsis." The Handbook of Hispanic Linguistics, edited by J.I. Hualde, compiled by A. Olarrea, compiled by E. O'Rourke. Wiley-Blackwell.

2010. "Minimalist variability in the verb phrase." Argument Structure and Syntactic Relations from a Cross-Linguistic Perspective, John Benjamins.

2010. With Angelina Markova. "Bulgarian and Variation in Inner Aspect." Current Issues in Formal Slavic Linguistics, Peter Lang.

2010. With Susana Huidobro. "The Lack of Spanish Non-Argumental Clitic Doubling." Selected Proceedings of the 12th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium, Cascadilla.

Recent Publications

MacDonald, J. E., Fagyal, Z., Beristain, A., & Turner, R. (2022). Introduction to RLLT 18. Isogloss, 8(4).

MacDonald, J. E., & Vázquez-Lozares, A. (2022). On (un)grammatical sequences of ses in Spanish. In G. Alboiu (Ed.), Points of Convergence in Romance Linguistics Papers selected from the 48th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL 48), Toronto, 25-28 April 2018 (pp. 127-141). (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory; Vol. 360). John Benjamins Publishing Company.

Armstrong, G., & MacDonald, J. E. (2021). A Guide to Understanding SE Constructions: Where They Come from and How They Are Connected. In G. Armstrong, & J. E. MacDonald (Eds.), Unraveling the complexity of SE (pp. 1-30). (Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory; Vol. 99). Springer.

Armstrong, G., & Macdonald, J. E. (2021). Preface. In G. Armstrong, & J. E. MacDonald (Eds.), Unraveling the complexity of SE (pp. vii-viii). Springer.

Armstrong, G., & MacDonald, J. E. (Eds.) (2021). Unraveling the complexity of SE. (Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory; Vol. 99). Springer.

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