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Jerry L Morgan

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Contact Information

University of Illinois
Dept. of Linguistics, MC-168
707 South Mathews Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801
Professor Emeritus

Highlighted Publications

Edited Books

Cohen, Philip R, Jerry L Morgan, and Martha E Pollack. Intentions in Communication. MIT Press, 1990.

Cole, Peter, and Jerry L Morgan. Syntax and Semantics 3: Speech Acts. Academic Press, 1975.

Book Contributions

Morgan, Jerry L. "Two Types of Convention in Indirect Speech Acts." Syntax and Semantics 9: Pragmatics, edited by Peter Cole. Academic Press, 1978, p. 261-280.

Morgan, Jerry L. "Sentence Fragments and the Notion 'Sentence'." Issues in Linguistics: Papers in Honor of Henry and Renée Kahane, edited by Braj Kachru, edited by Robert Lees, edited by Yakov Malkiel, edited by Angelina Pietrangeli, edited by Sol Saporta. University of Illinois Press, 1973, p. 719-751.

Morgan, Jerry L. "On the Treatment of Presupposition in Transformational Grammar." Papers from the Fifth Regional Meeting, Chicago Linguistic Society, Chicago Linguistic Society, 1969, p. 167-177.

Morgan, Jerry L. "Verb Agreement as a Rule of English." Papers from the Eighth Regional Meeting, Chicago Linguistic Society, edited by P. Peranteau, edited by J. Levi, edited by C. Phares. Chicago Linguistic Society, 1972, p. 278-286.

Morgan, Jerry L, and Manfred B Sellner. "Discourse and Linguistic Theory." Theoretical Issues in Reading Comprehension, edited by R. Spiro, edited by B. Bruce, edited by W. Brewer. Erlbaum, 1980, p. 165-201.

Morgan, Jerry L. "Observations on the Pragmatics of Metaphor." Metaphor and Thought, edited by A. Ortony. Cambridge University Press, 1979, p. 136-147.

Morgan, Jerry L. "Some Interactions of Syntax and Pragmatics." Syntax and Semantics 3: Speech Acts, edited by Peter Cole, edited by Jerry Morgan. Academic Press, 1975, p. 289-303.

Morgan, Jerry L. "On the Criterion of Identity for Noun Phrase Deletion." Papers from the Sixth Regional Meeting, Chicago Linguistic Society, Chicago Linguistic Society, 1970, p. 380-389.

Green, Georgia M, and Jerry L Morgan. "Pragmatics, Grammar, and Discourse." Radical Pragmatics, edited by Peter Cole. Academic Press, 1981, p. 167-181.

Morgan, Jerry L. "Some Aspects of Relative Clauses in English and Albanian." The Chicago Which Hunt: Papers from the Relative Clause Festival, edited by Paul Peranteau, edited by Judith Levi, edited by Gloria Phares. Chicago Linguistic Society, 1972, p. 63-72.

Morgan, Jerry L. "Toward a Rational Model of Discourse Comprehension." Proceedings of the 1978 Workshop on Theoretical Issues in Natural Language Processing, edited by David Waltz. Association for Computational Linguistics, 1978, p. 109-114.

Morgan, Jerry L. "Some Problems of Determination in English Number Agreement." ESCOL '84: Proceedings of the First Eastern States Conference on Linguistics, edited by Glora Alvarez, edited by Belinda Brodie, edited by Terry McCoy. Ohio State University, 1984, p. 69-78.

Journal Articles

Morgan, Jerry L. "On Arguing About Semantics." Papers in Linguistics, vol. 1, 1969, p. 49-70.

Morgan, Jerry L. "Conversational Postulates Revisited." Language, vol. 53, no. 2, 1977, p. 277-284.