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Charles Wayne Kisseberth

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Contact Information

University of Illinois
Dept. of Linguistics, MC-168
707 South Mathews Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801
Professor Emeritus

Highlighted Publications


Kenstowicz, Michael, and Charles Kisseberth. Generative Phonology: Description and Theory. Academic Press, 1979.

Kenstowicz, Michael, and Charles Kisseberth. Topics in Phonological Theory. Academic Press, 1977.

Journal Articles

"On the functional unity of phonological rules." Linguistic Inquiry, vol. 1, no. 3, 1970, p. 291-306.

Cole, Jennifer, and Charles Kisseberth. "An optimal domains theory of harmony." Studies in the Linguistic Sciences, vol. 24, no. 1-2, 1994, p. 101-114.

Book Contributions

Cassimjee, Farida, and Charles Kisseberth. "Optimal domains theory and Bantu tonology." Theoretical Aspects of Bantu Tone, edited by Charles Kisseberth, edited by Larry Hyman. CSLI, 1998, p. 265-314.

Kisseberth, Charles, and Mohammad Abasheik. "Vowel length in Chi-Mwi:ni --- a case study of the role of grammar in phonology." Papers from the Parasession on Natural Phonology, edited by A. Bruck, edited by A. Fox, edited by M. LaGaly. Chicago Linguistic Society, 1974, p. 193-209.

Kisseberth, Charles. "Digo tonology." Autosegmental Studies in Bantu Tone, edited by G. Clements, edited by J. Goldsmith. Foris, 1984, p. 105-182.

Kisseberth, Charles, and Mohammad Abasheik. "The "object" relation in chi-Mwi:ni, a Bantu language." Syntax and Semantics 8: Grammatical Relations, compiled by Peter Cole, compiled by Jerrold Saddock. Academic Press, 1977, p. 179-218.

Cole, Jennifer, and Charles Kisseberth. "Restricting multi-level constraint evaluation: opaque rule interaction in Yawelmani vowel harmony." Proceedings of the 1995 Southwestern Workshop on Optimality Theory, edited by K. Suzuki, edited by D. Elzinga. University of Arizona Linguistics Circle, 1997, p. 18-38.

Kisseberth, Charles. "Vowel elision in Tonkawa and derivational constraints." Studies Presented to Robert B. Lees by his Students, edited by Anthony Vanek. Linguistic Research, Inc., 1970, p. 109-137.