Chin-Chuan Cheng Ph.D.

 Chin-Chuan Cheng

Contact Information

University of Illinois
Dept. of Linguistics, MC-168
707 South Mathews Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801
Professor Emeritus
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Selected Publications


A Synchronic Phonology of Mandarin Chinese Mouton 1973.

Book Contributions

Wang, William S.-Y, and Chin-Chuan Cheng Implementation of phononlogical change: the Shuāng-fēng Chinese case Papers from the Sixth Regional Meeting, Chicago Linguistic Society Implementation of phononlogical change: the Shuāng-fēng Chinese case 1970, p. 552-559.
Chinese varieties of English The Other Tongue: English Across Cultures edited by Braj Kachru. Chinese varieties of English Edited by Braj Kachru, University of Illinois Press 1992, p. 162-177.
Quantifying dialect mutual intelligibility New Horizons in Chinese Linguistics edited by James Huang, edited by Audrey Li. Quantifying dialect mutual intelligibility Edited by James Huang, Edited by Audrey Li, Springer 1996, p. 269-292.

Journal Articles

A quantitative study of Chinese tones Journal of Chinese Linguistics 1 1 1973, p. 93-110.
Measuring relationship among dialects: DOC and related resources Computational Linguistics and Chinese Language Processing 2 1 1997, p. 41-72.
Microcomputer-based user interface Information Technology and Libraries 4 4 1985, p. 346-351.