Course Offerings

The following courses are offered in Summer 2024.


Course Number Course Name

ARAB 199

Undergraduate Open Seminar

ARAB 201

Elementary Standard Arabic I

ARAB 202

Elementary Standard Arabic II

ARAB 403

Intermediate Stand Arabic I

ARAB 404

Intermediate Stand Arabic II

ARAB 405

Advanced Standard Arabic I

ARAB 406

Advanced Standard Arabic II

ARAB 407

Topics Stand Arabic Lang&Lit I

ARAB 408

Topics Stand Arabic LangLit II



Course Number Course Name

TURK 201

Elementary Turkish I

TURK 202

Elementary Turkish II

TURK 403

Intermediate Turkish I

TURK 404

Intermediate Turkish II

TURK 405

Advanced Turkish I

TURK 406

Advanced Turkish II



Course Number Course Name

PERS 201

Elementary Persian I

PERS 202

Elementary Persian II

PERS 403

Intermediate Persian I

PERS 404

Intermediate Persian II

PERS 453

Advanced Persian I

PERS 454

Advanced Persian II



Course Number Course Name

SWAH 201

Elementary Swahili I

SWAH 202

Elementary Swahili II

SWAH 403

Intermediate Swahili I

SWAH 404

Intermediate Swahili II



Course Number Course Name

WLOF 201

Elementary Wolof I

WLOF 202

Elementary Wolof II


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