Barbara Hancin-Bhatt , Ph.D.

 Barbara Hancin-Bhatt

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LAS Student Academic Affairs
2002 Lincoln Hall, MC-446
702 S. Wright St.
uiuc campus mail, IL 00001
Adjunct Assistant Professor
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Barbara Hancin-Bhatt provides leadership for undergraduate academic affairs for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and has particular interest in international/global studies.  She holds appointments in Linguistics and Global Studies, and her research expertise is in second language acquisition.  Dr. Hancin-Bhatt was previously Director of Global Studies at Illinois and on the faculty at Penn State University, University of South Carolina, and University of Utah.


  • Ph.D. Linguistics
  • A.M. Spanish Applied Linguistics
  • A.B. Economics

Selected Publications

Book Contributions

Hancin-Bhatt, B Second language phonology in Optimality Theory Phonology and Second Language Acquisition edited by M Zampini, edited by J Hansen. Second language phonology in Optimality Theory Edited by M Zampini, Edited by J Hansen, Amsterdam/Philadelphia John Benjamins 2008, p. 117-146.
Hancin-Bhatt, B, and A. Govindjee A computational model of feature competition in L2 transfer. Language and thought in development: Cross-linguistic studies edited by P Broeder, edited by J Murre. A computational model of feature competition in L2 transfer. Edited by P Broeder, Edited by J Murre, Gunter Narr Tuebingen 1999, p. 145-161.
Hancin-Bhatt, B Extended Full Transfer/Full Access: A Prolegomena New Sounds 97: Selected Papers from the Third International Symposium on the Acquisition of Second Language Speech edited by James Leather, edited by Allan James. Extended Full Transfer/Full Access: A Prolegomena Edited by James Leather, Edited by Allan James, Klagenfurt University of Klagenfurt Press 1997, p. 109-117.
Durgunoglu, A, and B. Hancin-Bhatt Cross-language transfer in bilingual reading Cognitive Processing in Bilinguals Cross-language transfer in bilingual reading Amsterdam Elsevier 1992.

Journal Articles

Bhatt, R, and B. Hancin-Bhatt Structural minimality, CP, and the initial state in adult L2 acquisition Second Language Research 18 4 2002, p. 348-392.
Hancin-Bhatt, B Optimality in second language phonology: Codas in Thai ESL Second Language Research 16 3 2000, p. 201-232.
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