F. Scott Walters Ph.D.

 F.  Scott Walters

Contact Information

4080 FLB, MC-168, 707 S. Mathews St., Urbana, IL 61801

Office Hours

  • Wed., 1-3 pm

Additional Campus Affiliations

Research Interests

  • Language testing and assessment, TESOL teacher education, L2 pragmatics, conversation analysis

Research Description

My current focus is in developing CA-informed tests (CAIT) -- that is, assessments of L2 oral pragmatics ability that are based upon the findings and methodology of conversation analysis (CA). A second area of interest is in the assessment-literacy acquisition processes of L2 classroom teachers, with possible applications to teacher education. I also have more general interests in conversation analysis, test validity theory, and the philosophy of science.


  • University of Illinois (2004), California State University at Dominguez Hills (1991), Illinois State University (1982)


  • EIL 460 (Principles of Language Testing), EIL 489 (Theoretical Foundations of Second Language Acquisition), EIL 412 (TESL Practicum), EIL 411 (Intro to TESL Methodology), ESL 508 (Seminar for International TAs), ESL 511 (Written and Oral Communication). ESL 512 (Intro to Academic Writing), ESL 515 (Intro to Academic Writing), ESL 592 (Advanced Academic Writing), ESL 593 (Advanced Academic Presentations), ESL 115 (Principles of Academic Writing), ESL 111 (Intro to Academic Writing I), ESL 112 (Intro to Academic Writing II)

Selected Publications

Book Contributions

Walters, F. Scott Interfaces between a discourse completion test and a conversation analysis-informed test of L2 pragmatic competence Assessing Second Language Pragmatics edited by Steven Ross, edited by Gabriele Kasper. Interfaces between a discourse completion test and a conversation analysis-informed test of L2 pragmatic competence Edited by Steven Ross, Edited by Gabriele Kasper, Palgrave Macmillan 2013.
Walters, F. Scott Fairness The Routledge Handbook of Language Testing edited by Fred Davidson, edited by Glen Fulcher. Fairness Edited by Fred Davidson, Edited by Glen Fulcher, Routledge 2012.


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Journal Articles

Cultivating assessment literacy: Standards evaluation through language-test specification reverse engineering Language Assessment Quarterly 7 3 2010, p. 317-342.
A conversation analysis-informed test of L2 aural pragmatic comprehension TESOL Quarterly 43 1 2009, p. 29-54.
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