Mr. Alexander B Burkel

Mr. Alexander Burkel

Contact Information

3050 Foreign Languages Building,
707 S. Mathews
Urbana, IL 61801 USA.

Office Hours

  • T/Thu 10-11 AM
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Additional Campus Affiliations

Research Interests

  • Technology Enhanced Language Teaching

Research Description

My research investigates the use of Vive (virtual reality technology) to increase the acquisition of Phrasal Verbs by low intermediate proficiency ESL learners. I incorporate the factor of VR into Task Based Language Teaching to give learners a communicative meaning-based task. Results suggest that VR might be a more authentic scenario for vocabulary learning than traditional practice leading to greater learning gains. In addition, Responses from debriefing questionnaires suggest that participants also perceived this practice as a more positive experience that could reflect a real life situation for them.


  • U.I.U.C M.A. in English as a Second Language
  • U.I.C. M.A. in Francophone Studies
  • Cergy-Pontoise B.A. in Applied Foreign Languages

Distinctions / Awards

  • Outstanding Teaching: FA17, SP17, SP16
  • Teaching Excellence: SP18, SP17, FA16


  • FR 101
  • FR 102
  • FR 103
  • FR 104
  • ESL 112
  • ESL 115
  • ESL 500