Arabic Student Resources

The materials listed here are primarily authentic Arabic language materials. While it can be challenging to completely understand authentic materials, it’s important to familiarize yourself with Arabic outside of the classroom to get ready for your real life interactions in Arabic! Give these resources a listen/read!

There are also resources to help you evaluate your own oral proficiency in Arabic as well as other helpful tools such as a websites to help you type in Arabic and translation websites. 

Diwan elArab is an Arabic Youtube channel that has a compilation of videos for Arabic songs, movies, cartoons, documentaries, cooking, among other topics that pertain to Arabic language and culture.

The goal of this channel is to provide students with an external resource to watch and listen to Arabic materials outside the classroom and open students' eyes to the diversity of the Arabic world and culture, and at the same time, to give them the chance to delve into that culture and explore this world on their own.